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Barbara Ess



American musician and photographer Barbara Ess (1948) developed a particular artistic proces that made her work stand out in the 1980s, to say the least. She uses black and white film, a pinhole camera (a camera without a lens) and prints with only one earthy colour, such as amber or blue black,  as in Lizard. It makes her clearly figurative photos blurred and distorted, to the point of abstraction. This photograph, as a typical example of her work, is large and shadowy. As many of her other works, image and story are hazy, dreamlike and the question stays unresolved. Ess' feelings go from nightmarish over helplessness, to fantasy and erotic.

This sizable work (76x101cm) hits you with emotion. It keeps you searching and discovering, knowing you'll never find the answer.

It is a sophisticated example of American 1980s experimental photography!

Barbara lives and works in NY. She is associate Professor of Photography at Bard College.


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