Based on the market knowledge we have gathered over the years we offer various solutions for selling fine works of art. We appraise the items and consider each piece individually, matching it to its various sales options such as private sale, transaction via galleries or auction. Reaching an agreement, we will supervise contact with buyers, handlers, shippers etc.


Fine Art Consult can assist you in managing or building a collection. We are experienced in composing an inventory, setting up a database and floor plan, all while consulting you on the best conservation methods, the most appropriate storing solutions or exhibition options and giving you solid market advice on selling or buying.


Complementary to managing collections, we can also archive every piece of your art belongings. Even when you are not considering to let go of any of your collectables, a digitalised database facilitates the day to day management of your art possessions and ensures its legitimacy.


Whether you are new to the art world, an established collector or a corporate client, we are glad to assist you in the subtle process of buying art. You might be in search of a particular masterpiece, looking to re-decorate or thinking of starting a collection. We provide valuable guidance, backed up by academic research and market knowledge. 

We are trained at writing academic research reports on specific works or artists. Depending on the subject, we conduct an investigation to determine the work's context, attribution, pedigree and current market value. Whatever the motivation, a decent research report will prove its value in many situations, especially in the prospect of selling or donating art.


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